Should soulpreneurs worry about competition?

competitionCompetition is one of the greatest concerns among traditional business owners, but should soulpreneurs be worried about it? After all, soulpreneurs are driven by their hearts and they have crafted a business with a unique blueprint that nobody can truly emulate.

The very term ‘competition’ suggests lack. It also suggests that there are a limited number of customers or clients that multiple business owners are competing for. That goes against the very belief system that lightworkers, or soulpreneurs, have.

When it comes to heart-centered marketing, you operate under the belief system that you will attract the right clients for you. You don’t set out to sell your products or service to everybody. You instead intend to serve the people who can most use what you have to offer.

Following that principle, another business can’t take the customer that was meant for you, and vice-versa. If another business does attract one of your customers, it could mean that that customer has received everything he or she needs to receive from you. Rather than fretting over the fact that you lost a customer, acknowledge that there is now an opening for another customer who is more aligned with where your business is today.

Many soulpreneurs find that the clients and customers that they attract are the people who they needed to work with at that time. For example, a coach who attracts several people who are dealing with feelings of jealousy may find that she also has feelings of jealousy that she is working through. The clients not only are receiving a service, but they are helping the business owner work through her own challenges.

While competition should not be an issue in the traditional sense, there is still a good reason to pay attention to what other businesses who are similar to yours are doing.

You can learn from similar businesses. Forget about trying to take their clients; instead accept the gift of knowledge that you can gain by studying how other people do similar tasks. You might even start a support group for other soulpreneurs who operate businesses that are similar to yours. Instead of worrying about stealing one another’s customers, you may find that all of you benefit by sharing knowledge, wisdom and expertise. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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