Should lightworkers see clients at home?

If you provide psychic or healing services to your clients, the question arises as to where you should do your work. There are pros and cons to lightworkers seeing clients at home. Naturally, it’s less expensive for lightworkers to see clients at home because they don’t have to pay rent for a public space. It’s also convenient since you don’t have to leave your home to do your work. However, there are some downsides to lightworkers seeing clients at home.

  • It can become challenging to control the energy of your home. When lightwork of any type is performed, there is typically an exchange of energy. Sometimes people are seeking healing services because they are dealing with heavy emotions such as grief, sadness or anger. By bringing people into your home who are experiencing these emotions, you may opening the door to those heavy emotions being left in their wake. If you are an empath — a lightworker who feels the emotions of others — you could inadvertently be creating a home environment in which you’re vulnerable to picking up uncomfortable emotions that are not yours.
  • There could be boundary issues.  It’s important for lightworkers to separate their business life from their personal life. Balance is key to avoiding burnout, yet it can be challenging to set limits when you’re working in a job that you love. When you go to an outside workplace, you can more easily shut out your professional life when you get home.
  • There could be safety concerns. If you work with clients that you don’t know, there is some risk to having people enter your home and know where you live, particularly if you live alone. A public space is more likely to feature more traffic. Likewise, you get to maintain your privacy since your clients won’t have to know where they can find you when you’re not working.

If finances are a concern, there are ways for lightworkers to see clients away from home without spending a lot of money.

  • Travel to your clients. Some lightworkers will travel to their clients, offering services such as massage or Reiki in the client’s home. While this is more inconvenient, it allows you to maintain your privacy and set your boundaries without having to pay rent.
  • Share space with another lightworker. If renting a space is expensive, consider sharing the space with another lightworker. Perhaps you work in the space certain hours or days and the other lightworker has the space a different time. You can also take advantage of times when you’re not using the space to rent it out for others to host workshops or offer services.
  • Offer services to groups in their setting. Consider offering your services to groups of people in one sitting. For example, a massage therapist can offer services to a particular company and visit that workplace to provide massages on a certain day.
  • Offer virtual services. With the Internet allowing lightworkers to work with clients via email, Webinars and skype, you don’t have to meet with clients face to face. In fact, for many, it’s the best of both worlds since you can work from home, save money on rent and still maintain your privacy and boundaries. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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