Should lightworkers keep their day jobs?

A common question that Spiritpreneurs have at some point is whether they should grow their business on the side or devote their full-time efforts to their lightworker businesses. At some point in a business’s evolution it does become necessary to devote 100 percent of your energy to your passion, but there’s a danger in dumping your day job too soon.

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Why lightworkers might want to keep their day jobs

Very few businesses are profitable from day one. Even those businesses that do turn a profit tend to require years of steady customer service to be considered a thriving and lucrative enterprise.  A day job can provide a steady salary that enables you to give your lightworker business time to grow naturally.

If you’re struggling to meet your daily needs, you’ll have little creative energy to give your business. I’m not saying you need to be living a life of luxury (though there is nothing wrong with that), but if you’re constantly worrying how you’re going to pay the rent, make your car payment or put food on the table, you’ll be so stressed out that there will be little that you can offer to your customers and making your business grow.

You’ll need money to grow your business. You might think it’s ok to run your business on a shoestring budget, but think how much you can do to grow it if you have a little money you can put toward your business’s growth. Marketing and advertising, for example, can grow your business exponentially, but you need money to make that happen. Likewise, opportunities can come up fast. For example, say you hear about  a psychic fair that’s being put together and it requires a $150 investment to have a booth. This is a chance for you to introduce your business to hundreds of new potential customers, but you’d need to be able to put up the money to make it a reality.

When you’re ready to quit the day job

So when is it safe for lightworkers to quit their day jobs? That is truly a personal decision, but there are a few things you can consider to help you determine whether it’s the right time. You should probably think about quitting your day job when a couple of these scenarios are true:

  • You have enough money saved up to cover several months of expenses.
  • You have enough regular clients or customers to cover your basic living expenses.
  • Your day job is costing your money, meaning you’re having to turn away business because you don’t do it because of your work schedule.
  • Your day job is so emotionally draining that it’s leaving you unable to be productive in your side gig. However, sometimes you need to leave the day job before you’re financially ready to leave. You can always find a temporary day job that will tide you over, getting you out of the toxic situation but still providing you with steady money until your lightworker business is more profitable. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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