Should lightworkers ever date a client?

You never know when or where love will strike. One thing about love is that we tend to be drawn to people who are in alignment with our core in some way. If your lightworker business is important to you, it would make sense that you would be drawn to someone who can also appreciate your work.

So if you have a regular client and notice feelings of attraction or a connection that transcends that of  practitioner-client, what should you do?

Some lightworkers believe that it’s best to keep their personal and professional lives separate. They believe it compromises the integrity of their work. Some even fear that doing so could lead to the loss of the person as a client, particularly if the relationship doesn’t work out.

However, what would be so terrible about losing the person as a client? Believing that you have to hold onto one particular client suggests lack. It suggests a belief that clients aren’t plentiful. If you meet a client and realize there might be a deeper relationship, why not cut off the client-practitioner relationship and explore what happens?

The important thing is to approach the situation with clarity and integrity. Let the person know your feelings and explain why you cannot continue the client-practitioner relationship. (Even if your feelings aren’t returned, working with this person could be awkward. Likewise, if a client is in love with you and you don’t return those feelings, once again, you might be better off cutting off the relationship.) What you can do is help the person to find another practitioner who can offer the service that you used to provide.

The work you do with your clients is important. However, building and maintaining successful personal relationships is equally important. When an impactful personal relationship comes along, don’t let your lightworker business get in the way. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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