Resources for building your lightworker business

To attract spiritually-conscious clients, you want to provide them with information via a content-rich Web site, and keep in touch with them via an email list. Here are some tools and products that can help you to reach more clients and build your business. Check back often as we’ll be on the lookout for new products that can make your job easier.

Web Hosting

There are a number of Web hosts that you can use.

Dreamhost:  I use Dreamhost for this Web site and other Web sites that I host. With Dreamhost, it is very easy to set up your Web site. You don’t need technical skills (I knew next to nothing about creating a Web site when I started using it, and I’ve found the customer service to be fantastic. When I had a question on a Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised when my email was answered within 30 minutes.

Bluehost: Another popular Web hosting service is Bluehost. It’s very affordable and very popular among bloggers and other Web site operators.

WordPress Web Sites

Years ago, you needed a Web designer and programmer to create a Web site. Today, we have WordPress, the most popular Web site publishing platform. With WordPress, there are plenty of free templates available that you can use to create your Web site. You simply fill in the content and there’s no heavy lifting. You can find more template options if you’re willing to pay for them. But many people find all that they need with the free templates.

WordPress: Click here to get downloads for installing WordPress, as well as templates.

Solostream: A provider of premium WordPress templates. I like their selection. In fact this blog uses a Solostream template.

Email lists

Once you have a Web site, you’ll want to come up with a way to keep in touch with your visitors, as well as your regular clients. A good newsletter program makes it easy to send newsletters, announcements, updates and other regular correspondence to your clients. When you can email potential clients, you can tell them about specials and new products and services. One of the biggest lessons when it comes to selling products and services on the Internet: The money is in the list.

Aweber: I use Aweber for many of my online newsletters. It’s easy to use, you can create multiple e-mail lists, and there are plenty of email newsletter templates for you to choose from.

Mailchimp: Mailchimp is another easy-to-use tool that may be suitable particularly for beginners.
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