Reiki practitioners: Looking beyond client work

If you’re making a living via Reiki, you should be looking for many different ways to utilize your gifts. Some people make the mistake of thinking that client work is the only way they will be making a living, but in reality, there are other things you can do.

Some Reiki practitioners even find that doing too much client work can leave them feeling drained. By having other streams of income, you are less likely to become burned out and you may even find that other ways to make money are just as enjoyable.

Some suggestions for ways to make money outside of client work:

Teaching. Think about your own Reiki training and how important it was for you to get the guidance and experience that you needed. By holding regular classes you are helping to develop the next generation of Reiki professionals while also giving your business another stable source of income. You’ll also likely find that as you work with people they will tell others about your classes and more students will come.

If you have other holistic or metaphysical interests outside of Reiki, you might also explore those and offer classes on them as well. For example, some Reiki practitioners infuse intuitive work into their practice. Why not teach a class on developing your intuition?

Conducting webinars. In a way, a webinar is similar to teaching but you can also record it and sell the audio download, creating a form of passive income. People are hungry for information, and they may not be able to physically come before you to sit in your classroom. By allowing people to access information wherever they are and whenever they want, you’re filling a need and can bring in additional dollars at the same time.

Selling products.  Some Reiki practitioners make additional money by selling holistic products such as crystals, pendulums and books. If you don’t have a product of your own to sell, reach out to local metaphysical shops to see if you might offer some of their products to your customers for a share of the profits. You have an audience that like-minded businesses may want to each. Why not use that to your advantage while exposing your clients to products they would likely be interested in.

That, of course, is an important point. Make sure you only hawk products that your clients would want to see. If you simply look at your clients as a cash cow without any consideration for whether they’d be interested in what your’e selling to them or not, you may alienate them and do more harm than good.

Plus, it’s important as a lightworker to make sure you’re constantly looking for ways to do good for your clients, yourself and the world. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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