Reiki massage table buying guide

reiki-tableIf you are a Reiki practitioner, you need the right table. You need a place that will be comfortable for your clients and also comfortable for you when you are working with clients.

Choosing your Reiki massage table is an important consideration. While price is important, understand that your table is an investment in your business. If you buy something that is of low quality just because it’s inexpensive, you may learn the hard way that you get what you pay for. It’s important to invest in the proper tools in order for your business to run most effectively. Think about it. Would you hire a contractor who didn’t have the right tools to make the repairs on your house?

One thing you want to consider is the width of the table. While a popular width for Reiki massage tables is 28″ wide, that could prove problematic if you’re very short because you may not be able to reach across to the other side. Then there is the length. A common length is 73″ long. While this is fine for most people, if you work with particularly tall people (say you regularly provide Reiki services to professional athletes), your table may not be appropriate for your clientele. It could leave your clients’ legs hanging off the end of the table, and that’s not comfortable at all.

The next thing you want to consider is weight. If you carry your table around with you, this is extremely important. What good are you as a Reiki therapist if your back is constantly aching from hauling around a heavy table? Naturally you want to look at portable tables but you should even consider weight for a stationary table if you plan to move your table around in your space.

Another factor in your clients’ comfort is the thickness of the foam. The thicker the foam, the more comfortable the table is likely to be. You’ve got to think of your long-term relationship with your client. If a client has a very good experience, he or she is likely to repeat it. The comfort of your client is no place to pinch pennies if you can avoid it.

Finally, make sure you get a table that comes with a warranty. The last thing you want is to get your table home and find out that there is a defect or some problem with it that makes it unusable.

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