Reiki job tip: Offering services to local businesses

One way that Reiki business owners can grow their client base is by offering their services to local companies. Often employers are looking for ways to build morale among their workforce. One way they can do this is by offering massages and Reiki to their employees.

A retreat could also be a perfect setting for Reiki services. While employees are bonding and taking part in team-building exercises, a Reiki practitioner could be working with employees one-on-one.

Some businesses may be more open to offering Reiki than others. For example holistic or health-oriented businesses could be an easier sell because the decision-makers may already understand the benefits of Reiki. If there is someone who works for the company who already is a fan of Reiki, it will be much easier to sell your services.

So how can you find local businesses to sell your Reiki services to? Before you do anything, make sure you have the equipment you’ll need. A portable Reiki massage table is of utmost importance because the company is most likely not going to have a table on the premises. You’ll need to bring your own.

Once you have your equipment, start by looking at your current client base. Send an email to your clients (hopefully you have an email list) letting them know that you’re offering specials to local businesses who want to to treat their employees to Reiki.  You may be surprised to find that one or more of your clients is in a position to recommend your services to their company.

You can also contact local businesses directly. Draft a letter explaining the services and suggesting that businesses offer them as a benefit. Point out the benefits of Reiki and explain how it can help the business.

Healthier employees are more productive, and that can only bode well for the business itself.  Happy employees are also more likely to stay at their current jobs. It costs businesses money to hire new people so keeping employees happy is a priority for most companies. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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