Raising your lightworker profile

raise-profileHow can you make the new year a more visible one for yourself and your lightworker business? If you’ve only done readings or performed Reiki on yourself or friends, consider offering your services to a stranger. If you’ve only done a couple of paid readings when a friend referred you, consider creating a Web site and offering readings to strangers. If you’ve only done readings or energy work for referrals in your town, consider participating in a psychic fair at a nearby metaphysical center. The idea is to push yourself to move your lightworker business to a new level.

Another way to raise your profile is to increase your marketing efforts. Do you have business cards that promote your lightworker business? Have you created a brochure that explains your healing services? Maybe it’s time to create a blog where you can regularly educate people about your modality. Should you create a Youtube channel where you regularly share tidbits about spirituality and holistic healing?

Whatever way that you reach customers now, commit to taking it to a new level. Perhaps you host a webinar so that you can do workshops virtually for people across the country, as well as for those in your town. Perhaps you teach a class, maybe educating other lightworkers so that they can eventually open a practice like your own.

Maybe you commit to educating yourself on the practices of other lightworkers who have made a business out of their passion. For example, The Holistic Practitioners Business Bible gives lightworkers business advice. Remember, your expertise is healing or astrology or massage or readings. Let someone with an expertise in business give you suggestions for attracting customers, increasing profits and improving your processes.

Write down one thing that you can do in the next three months to raise your profile. Then write down step by step what you will do to make it happen. By putting the intention into the universe, you’ve taken the first step to attracting a more successful lightworker business.

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