RAISING CLARITY: Bringing Moneycoaching to the Light

Beth Raps smallerEvery so often, LightworkerBusiness.com shines the spotlight on lightworker businesses who have figured out how to profit from their passion while maintaining integrity and serving others. In their own words, they tell you what they do, and how they have done it. Today we feature Beth Raps, owner of RAISING CLARITY.

LightworkerBusiness.com: What is the name of your business?

Beth Raps: RAISING CLARITY: to cultivate abundance in noble causes, people and organizations.


LightworkerBusiness.com: Describe what services you offer?

Beth Raps: We offer a Clarity Map assessment, abundance -through-clarity coaching and consulting. This includes moneycoaching, in which we are certified to work with individuals and organizations. We work both with the rational mind and with the spiritual side of our soul-colleagues, for example frequently using guided imagery we call working in the “dreamtime.” We offer workshops and all-day trainings & public speaking on clarity in fundraising for nonprofits and solopreneurships, artists, healers, and social changemakers. Whenever we feel it’s appropriate, we refer soul-colleagues to other lightworker businesses with whom we have relationships. We foster independence combined with community-building among our clientele. We call this building our neighborhood in the “Beloved Community,” as Dr. King put it.


LightworkerBusiness.com: What is your Web site address or how can people contact you?

Beth Raps: People should feel free to browse our website www.raisingclarity.com, as well as our blog http://www.raisingclarity.com/blog/ and also to telephone us: 304-258-2533. We love to talk as well as to work by phone and Skype. We intend our blog to be a place people can come and get valuable information for free. We also feature lots of great interviews–like with you, Mara Enid!


LightworkerBusiness.com: How long have you been in business?

Beth Raps: I began consulting in the 1990s after learning community organizing and fundraising, then creating my own community foundation! I worked as a fundraising consultant in DC and nationally for a few years prior to getting my PhD. Then I began to take an interest in why some folks had money and others didn’t–when there didn’t seem to be any rational reasons for it sometimes. This led me to get certified in Deborah Price’s beautiful work, “moneycoaching.” At that point in the mid-2000s, my business was called “Bringing Money to Light.” Once I realized through engaging in a branding process that my best offering was the clarity my branding specialist kept telling me people got from working with me, we baptized my practice RAISING CLARITY.


LightworkerBusiness.com: How did you find your first customers?

Beth Raps: Back in the 1990s, they were easy to find. I like going where no one else has gone before (or is currently going 😉 and I like doing what others don’t like to do. In DC in the 1990s, finding grantwriting work was simple, and enjoyable–but then I revealed to my clients that something I loved even more was most folks’ greatest fear: asking folks face-to-face for large gifts and investments (Also called major donor “asks.”) I love teaching this one-on-one and in trainings, and I love doing it. I also love teaching people how to integrate this kind of fundraising with the other kinds they are doing or want to be doing–annual planning.


LightworkerBusiness.com: What do you like most about being a lightworker business owner?

Beth Raps: I love the journey. I love the process being part of the business: my ascension in part through my work nourishes my ability to support others’ ascension in part through their work.


LightworkerBusiness.com: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a lightworker business owner?

Beth Raps: Stay true to my brand; make sure that brand stays pure and strong; remember to ask for what I need; and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.


LightworkerBusiness.com: What has been most challenging about being a lightworker business owner?

Beth Raps: Feeling like an oddball–until I met folks like you, Mara.


LightworkerBusiness.com: What is your number one tip for growing a lightworker business?

Beth Raps: See my most valuable lessons!


If you have a lightworker business that you’d like to tell the world about, drop a line to mara@lightworkerbusiness.com.


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