Do Psychic Mediums Have a Code of Ethics?

Any respectable profession that caters to the general public should, and usually does, have a code of ethics to serve as a way to navigate the moral dilemmas that plague their field. This is not really a strict and rigid set of rules, but more of best practices along with justifications that explain why the field generally decides a certain way in certain scenarios. These change in accordance to the many factors that affect the discipline, such as changes in societal perceptions and new research in the field.

Like the practitioners of many other fields, most psychic mediums also operate guided by a code of ethics. Since mediums directly communicate with members of the public, a code of ethics helps guide their decisions, especially since some of the information they receive using their abilities can be of a sensitive nature. The code of ethics also provides boundaries that prevent the psychic from meddling in the lives of the person they are doing a reading for.

Combatting Negative Stereotypes

It is no secret that psychic mediums do not have the best reputations if you were to ask the general public. There is a significant number of people who even do not believe that psychic mediums actually do anything aside from swindle money from gullible people. It does not help that there have been swindlers posing as psychics that have been exposed in the past. In truth, swindlers and scammers exist, but in far fewer numbers than most lay people suspect. There are far more legitimate psychic mediums, and scammers are pretty scarce. There are also ways to tell apart the scammers from the genuine psychic mediums quite easily, so people do have power in these cases.

Nevertheless, the perception that people have of psychics is already in place, and it is largely up to the mediums themselves to fight misconceptions about their practice. This is where an explicit and oftentimes written code of ethics can aid in giving the psychic medium and their practice the legitimacy that it deserves.

Of course, a fake psychic medium who is only interested in scamming customers could also fake a code of ethics, but at least, the code of ethics would need to be followed. You would also be able to judge if the scammer were only after your money based on the code of ethics. As a way to help prevent scammers from increasing their number, make sure to talk to a prospective psychic medium about their code of ethics and see what you can learn about the psychic. You can also consult a psychic directory, which will let you know about reputable psychics, as well as understand their strengths and specializations.

No Unified Doctrine

Doctors have the Hippocratic Oath, or at least a modern version of what was once considered the Hippocratic Oath. Lawyers have codes of professional responsibility that are often specific to their particular country of practice. Most other disciplines that are taught at university have some sort of ethics class to make sure everybody is on the same page, at least as far as the ethical dilemmas of the field are concerned. However, such is not the case for psychic mediums.

To become a psychic medium, one must have a natural gift that is then honed over the years in order to make it stronger, thus making one a more effective psychic medium. The more one practices, the more one improves. While some psychic mediums may have learned a few techniques from other psychic mediums, as well as books, that help unlock and unfurl their latent abilities, this is done in ways that are not comparable with that of discipline that one goes to school for.

By going to school to take the discipline, one has unified the code of ethics, or at least the discussion of it, within the context of the academe. By taking an oath in a ceremony, the words that form the code of ethics are explicitly spoken. Psychic mediums cannot exist under either model. Having a licensure exam or forcing psychic mediums to undergo schooling would be infeasible and detrimental to the profession. Although schools for psychics do exist, not all psychics would benefit from a classroom education.

The result is that the codes usually come from the psychics themselves. They often borrow from each other, especially since the Internet has seen a lot of psychics sharing the tools of their trade, but the only code they are made to follow is the one they impose upon themselves.

So if your definition of a code of ethics refers to a single set of guidelines that everyone in the discipline must follow, then it is possible that, according to your judgement, that no, psychic mediums do not have a code of ethics.

Common Contents of Individual Codes

While there may not be a central code of ethics that all psychics follow, there are enough commonalities between them that give a sense of what psychic mediums should and should not do.

For one, psychic mediums are supposed to make the person they are reading feel comfortable. This means that they do not antagonize them or judge them based on anything.

A psychic should also always remind their customer that their predictions are never perfectly accurate, as they are based off of the energy they read from a person. Much like weather predictions are based on data, psychic predictions also have their basis but can be wrong.

Psychic mediums should also refrain from sending their customers into a place of despair by revealing an imminent death. If death is imminent, then no one is helped by distressing someone about it.

Psychic mediums are never supposed to tell a customer what to do. They give you information based on their reading, but the course of action to take should be left to you.

They should also refrain from upselling charms or talismans as a way to increase the customer’s bill. Such decisions should come from the customer.

Overall, there are quite a few commonalities between psychic mediums, so one could say that, though not entirely unified, a code of ethics does exist. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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