More on Caputo’s Priceline mistake

I received an interesting response to my  latest blog post on Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, and  her decision to do a Priceline commercial where she parodies her own skills as a medium. If you haven’t seen her Long Island Medium show, check out a couple episodes here: Homecoming and Meeting the Parents.

“How can  you of all people criticize Theresa Caputo’s actions when this is a blog about making money as a lightworker. In doing that Priceline commercial, Theresa made a ton of money for herself and showed that she can capitalize on the supreme branding she has done to become a known medium. She has a television show and now she’s making even more money through the commercial just by being herself. What other lightworker is currently enjoying  the level of success to be featured in a major commercial?

While I can appreciate the reader’s sentiments, I have to disagree. Yes, this is a blog about how lightworkers can make more money, but it’s  about being successful without selling your soul. Branding is extremely important; in fact, some would argue that branding is  the most important element of any business since it determines how potential clients perceive you and whether they will buy your products or services. Branding should be consistent. When clients see you, you want them to think of  positive things about your business. Maybe they think you’re dependable, maybe they think you are talented.  Unless you are an entertainer or a comedian you don’t want them to think you are a joke. But then, psychics and mediums have been struggling with the ‘entertainment’ label for years haven’t they? The commercial just serves to reinforce that point.

Theresa already has been accused of being a fraud. This commercial really doesn’t help.

I also think Theresa has some level of responsibility  to her peers. Did you ever notice that certain professions (think lawyers)  are generally disliked by the  general public? It’s not because all lawyers are bad. In fact there are many lawyers doing good things. There are even lightworker lawyers out there championing  for worthy causes. But the actions of a few bad apples can tarnish the entire barrel. That  is particularly harmful in fields where many practitioners are working hard to familiarize the general public with their work. In such a case, every public image counts. This image can’t do anything to help other lightworkers better communicate the value of their services.

What do you think of Theresa Caputo’s Priceline ad? I’d love to hear your comments.

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  1. I thought the commercial was entertaining however, while the point of any business is to make money and keep your intergrity by serving others, those people who were skeptical before may always be that way until proven otherwise and it may take another medium to attract that particular group of clients. We sometimes have to remember that there are an abundance of opportunities to get paid for providing services without “selling your soul” in the process. Caputo may have chosen that path but nobody else has to follow her lead, just create your own path for others who may want to follow.

  2. If Pricelines aim was to entice me into using their service(s) by using a trampy looking, middle aged huckster….they have failed…….miserably!

  3. When I saw the commercial that Theresa Caputo did for priceline and I was so shocked and disappointed in her. I love her progrom “The Long Island Medium” on TLC but, I was so let down because, I really believe she is true to her gift, but now it seems as though she is chasing the “almighty dollar” and that tarnishes my opinion somewhat.


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