Massage Therapists’ Winter Boom

While you may not like the cold weather that winter brings, massage therapists can get a boost from the ice and snow. And the worse the winter is, the better it can be for business. According to an article by Newstalk 980 in Canada, more people tend to seek out massages because of the aches and pains associated with winter.

Snow and ice may lead people to take a spill, and the act of shoveling often leaves people sore and looking for relief. One massage therapist told the station that they can anywhere from 10 to 20 percent more phone calls after snowstorms.

Massage therapists report people coming in with shoulder and back pain, as well as other areas such as their knees and wrists.

So how can massage therapists capitalize on this knowledge?

  •  Increase your visibility during the winter months. If you’ve thought about advertising, this is the time to do it. Consider sending a newsletter or email to current customers to remind them of your services, and be proactive about handing out business cards everywhere you go. If possible, leave fliers in community centers or home improvement stores.
  • Have an “After-Snowstorm Sale.” If a snowstorm does occur, let customers know that you’re offering a discount to take care of snow-related aches and pains. Some potential customers may not have thought about the value of getting a massage at this time and can use the reminder.
  • Be willing to travel. Some customers may not feel comfortable driving in the snow. If you have four-wheel drive or are comfortable traveling (once the storm is over, of course) consider bringing your massage services to them.

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