Marketing tips for healers and lightworkers

For many lightworkers, a passion for healing work is their primary motivation rather than money. As a result, many have a difficult time with marketing.

“I don’t like pushing my services on people,” is a common refrain.

Marketing can seem icky, and for some, it’s a quality associated with greedy businesses that are only looking to make a buck. We’ve all experienced the annoyance that comes with a pushy salesperson, a persistent telemarketer or a stranger that intrudes into your conversation to leave a business card or hype a product or service.

But in order to touch the most people, you have to make friends with marketing and understand that it provides a way for you to share your gifts with more people. When you recognize the value of your service, you recognize the fact that telling people about it is yet another way that you’re bringing light into the world.

However, the way you market is up to you. You may not want to give an elevator speech about your services to everyone you meet at a dinner party, but you may be more comfortable trying these strategies:

Team up with other lightworkers and healers and trumpet each others’ successes. It’s often easier to talk about others than it is to talk about ourselves so help each other out by agreeing to share each others’ business cards and steer business each others’ way.

Offer something for free. Whether it’s an informational workshop, an initial consultation or an online newsletter, you can satisfy your desire to give back by helping potential customers at no cost, while also marketing your business and educating people about your services.

Respect people’s boundaries. Respect spiritual law, understanding that all things in alignment with you come in their own time. There’s no need for a hard sell. Present the information about your product and service and trust that clients will come when they’re ready.

-Incorporate Law of Attraction principles. Your ability to attract customers can also be impacted by your state of mind. Do you believe customers are headed your way? Do you see yourself effortlessly attracting ideal clients? Do you know who your ideal clients are? Use strategies such as  journaling, vision board creation and visualization to get clear on the experience you’d like to have in terms of manifesting business. Read Think and Grow Rich, Ask and It is Given and Attracting Perfect Customers for more information about changing your marketing mindset.
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