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word-of-mouthOne of the most effective ways to market your business is to have people speak about it in a positive way. After all, most people will trust a customer’s opinion over a lightworker business advertisement or marketing message. While it may seem like you have no control over word of mouth marketing, that’s not true. There are ways that you can get your message out there on the ground.

Marketing companies have long used the concept of ‘street teams’ to sell products. Street teams are people hired to interact with consumers where they are – in neighborhoods, at entertainment venues, and other places where potential customers meet and interact. The idea is to expose people to products and services in the locations that they frequent. In the case of lightworkers, metaphysical churches, holistic expos and other similar types of venues provide a good source of people who are looking for holistic services such as those that you offer.

So how can you increase your chances of having your product or service talked about through word-of-mouth marketing? Freya Ray, in The Ethical Psychic: A Survival Guide for the Professional Psychic, provides a number of good suggestions.

  • Offer free sample readings or healing services to opinion leaders in the community, such as hairdressers or beauty technicians. “Visit beauty parlors , tattoo shops, and the like, and give the employees free five-minute readings,” she writes.
    Then, when their customers visit them, they may be more likely to speak about the experience.
  • Identify those in the community who socialize a lot and offer a free mini-reading to expose them to your service. Ray describes one customer she did this with and she earned thousands in business from referrals as a result.
  • Get in touch with other lightworkers who offer a different service and set up a trade. That person becomes familiar with what you do while you become familiar with what they do. Then when each of you come across clients who could use the other’s service, you make the referral.

Remember, you help more people when more people know about your product. Look for ways to expose more people to what you do and the word-of-mouth marketing will take care of itself.

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