Lightworkers: Where’s the passion?

Does work have to feel like work?

I’d argue that most people believe it does. In fact, I once had someone tell me “they call it a job because a job’s not supposed to be fun.”

While I’ve had some un-fun jobs in my life, I’ve always searched for a career that I could enjoy doing. I’d hear famous people like Oprah Winfrey talk about how they loved what they did and the money soon followed and that resonated with me. The most successful people are those who have a passion about what they do and are willing to stake their career on it. If you’re truly motivated by what you do, you’ll be energized when you work toward fulfilling those goals.

So what is your motivation? Here are a few clues to help you figure it out.

If your motivation is money, you’ll feel energized whenever a client pays you, but you’ll likely feel lethargic about getting the work done.  You’ll have little desire to work for free.

If your motivation is praise, you’ll feel energized whenever people tell you how great you are, or how effective your product or service is. However, when people aren’t talking about you or your work, you may feel unappreciated and uninspired.

If your motivation is service, you’ll feel energized whenever you’re helping people, whether through your business or another avenue.

If your motivation is helping people through your product or service, you’re happiest when doing the very things that will catapult your lightworker business to success.

It’s one thing to be unmotivated when going to your day job since that business is somebody else’s dream. But if you’re unmotivated  by running your own business, it’s time to re-think your business strategy.

No one’s asking you to change the total focus of your business overnight. But once you look for ways to incorporate more of what feels good into your daily life, the Universe will help you out by providing opportunities and ideas you never even thought about. It always works this way.

So which tasks make you happiest? What tasks do you find yourself doing on a Saturday or in the evening or in other so-called “off-work” hours.  Can you find a way to do more of that in your business?

For example, you might be a Reiki practitioner who loves to work with animals. Why not increase your marketing to pet owners and bill yourself as the go-to healer for people who love their pets?

Maybe you’re a massage therapist who really enjoys educating people about the value of massage. Why not offer workshops on couples massage where you teach people how to incorporate regular massage techniques into their everyday lives? Or put together an e-book to share your philosophy about massage and sell it or use it to market yourself as a speaker or Webinar creator?

You don’t have to keep doing things the way you’re currently doing them. If something sounds like it might be fun, take a tiny step toward it. The most important ingredient in any lightworker business (or ANY BUSINESS PERIOD) is your heart. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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