Lightworkers, what’s too much to charge?

So when it comes to setting prices, what’s too much for lightworkers to charge?

Should prices be affordable?  Should you charge what the market will bear?

Should beginners charge less than the going rate? If you don’t have a client base, you may lure some customers with lower prices, but some lightworkers find that lower prices don’t necessarily translate into more customers. In fact, some customers may think less of your services if you charge too little. After all, people are conditioned to place more value on things that cost more.

But back to our original question: can a lightworker charge too much?

A sampling of the prices of some of the most well-known lightworkers suggests that no price is too high.

Colette Baron-Reid charges $400 for 30 minutes of intuitive counseling and $600 for a 45-minute coaching session, and she requires that you make a six-session commitment for coaching (adding up to $3600 per client).

A phone reading with Sylvia Browne costs $850. Apparently high prices run in the family as her son Chris charges $500 per session.

Sonia Choquette charges $1500 for business consultations and $1500 for 90-minute couples consultations.

Renowned Reiki teacher Sheryl Glick charge $200 per hour for a healing and reading.

If you’re wondering whether someone would agree to pay that much, Choquette’s Web site contains a couple of client testimonials from business owners who have utilized her services. I know someone who gladly forked over the $400 to get a birthday reading from Baron-Reid.

But these are practitioners that have a platform and a large following. They can charge high prices because they’re in high demand, you might think.

The best way to determine whether your prices are in the right ballpark is to see what other practitioners are charging. Keep checking this blog because in the coming weeks, we’ll be surveying lightworkers and finding out what types of prices they charge in different regions of the country. We’ll then post the results here.

While you ultimately have to make your own decision about how much to charge, it helps to have the most up-to-date information to draw from. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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