3 Times Lightworkers Should Say ‘No’

When you make the decision to start a lightworker business, there is likely going to be a transition period when you’re working your day job and building your lightworker business on the side. You may be an accountant by day and a Reiki teacher by night. Or maybe you teach during the day and do psychic readings on the side. It’s perfectly normal to juggle your old career and your new career until your lightworker business takes off.

lightworkers say noHowever, one mistake soulpreneurs make is that they allow their old life to come before the new life they are creating for too long of a time. At a certain point, you’ve got to flip it so that your lightworker business comes first. That requires learning when to say ‘no.’ Here are three instances when lightworker business owners should say ‘no.’

When an activity doesn’t further your priorities

When you commit to changing your career to become a lightworker, you must put your day job in perspective. Why are you keeping the day job? Chances are, you’re keeping it because it provides the money you need to live your life while you’re following your lightworker dream. If that’s the case, it makes sense to do everything you need to do to keep that job (and that paycheck). However, activities related to the day job that have no bearing on the paycheck: It’s a no.

When an ‘opportunity’ comes up for the career you’re leaving behind

Opportunities can be tempting. Say someone comes along and tells you about this great opportunity to advance at your 9-5, or this great opportunity to get ahead. You must ask yourself, ‘is this a great opportunity for me?’  Again, this goes back to looking at your priorities. Will this opportunity push your lightworker business further? Is this an opportunity we even want to do? Is this opportunity appealing to our ego or our heart? If it’s not a heart-based activity that’s helping our lightworker business get ahead, it’s a no.

When it’s something you ‘should’ do

We live in a world of fads. Everyone jumps on the next big thing because everyone says it’s what you ‘should’ do. However, lightworkers are building careers based on the heart. We move forward because we are inspired to move forward, not because it’s something we ‘should’ do. When you feel like you’re doing something for external reasons such as validation, but it’s not something you want to do, it’s a no.

Energy is critical to success. You want to focus your energy on the part of your life that you want to grow and expand. Take energy away from the day job and steer it toward your lightworker side hustle. Miracles will unfold.

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