4 ways lightworkers can prepare for the new year

newyearThe days leading up to the new year are always pregnant with possibility. They are also perfect opportunities to reflect on where you are and where you’re trying to go. Lightworkers can use this time to build upon their businesses and catapult themselves into a more prosperous new year. Here are some ways that you can make the most of the season.

Create a gratitude list. It’s not unusual to reflect upon the year that is ending. However, too many people think about all of the things that didn’t go right in the current year or focus on how they’re not where they want to be. Instead of doing that, focus on the things that have gone right in the current year.

The Law of Attraction shows us that what we focus on grows. Think about the strides your business has made. Maybe you found more clients. Maybe one particular client has been a joy. Maybe you’ve branched out into a new area. Whatever has gone right, this is the area you want to focus your attention and intention on. Capture those moments and show how grateful you are by listing them. When you focus on the ways your business has grown, you will attract similar experiences.

Update your business vision board. Just as a vision board can help you put your personal priorities in perspective, a business vision board can help you to clarify the business goals that are most important to you. If you’ve never created a business vision board, now is an excellent time to do so. If you have created one before, take it out and look at it to make sure it’s still reflective of your business desires. You may also find that some of the experiences depicted on your business vision board have already come true. Add new words, symbols and images to reflect new things you’d like to experience through your lightworker business, and be sure to take down those images that no longer represent where you’re trying to go.

Release something. Just as it’s important to clarify what you want, it’s important to make room for it by releasing what no longer serves you. One of the consequences of evolving is that you outgrow people and situations. Your business is evolving so some of the things you did in the past, you no longer have to do. You may release a problem client, an outdated idea that you can’t make a living doing light work, or the belief that you have to charge low prices to be of service. When you release something you’ll find that something better soon replaces it so look ahead with anticipation.

Pledge to learn something. As a business owner, you’re constantly learning new and better ways to serve your clients and build your business. Make a commitment to do something in the new year to expand your business knowledge, whether it’s taking a business course, buying a book on marketing or furthering your education as a holistic service provider.


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