Lightworkers are you measuring results?

Spiritual entrepreneurs are often accustomed to using intuition when running our businesses, but it’s also important to put systems in place to measure whether what we’re doing is actually providing the results that we want. Think of it like this. If you’re spending hours each week doing something that is making absolutely no difference to your business don’t you want to know about it so you can stop? Much business research has found that 20 percent of our efforts typically yield the greatest results. Don’t you want to know which 20 percent of your efforts that is so that you can do more of it? (And again, if something you’re doing isn’t helping at all, you may as well use that time to take a nap or do something else you’d love to do.)

It’s important to look at our efforts and measure the results. And it’s important to test new things.

Take your marketing efforts. Say you visit five holistic events per month in order to meet potential clients or share information about your services. How many people are you actually meeting at each event? And how many of those people that you meet are turning into clients? You may find that you get more clients by spending an extra 15 minutes per day on Twitter. And speaking of social media that’s an area where many entrepreneurs make the mistake of wasting countless hours doing something without considering whether it is paying off. Do you have a social media strategy? Are there goals you’re trying to reach? If you don’t have a goal and you’re simply using social media because you see everyone else doing it, again, you could be wasting time that would be better spent in another aspect of your business.

You only have so many hours per day, particularly if you are a solopreneur as many healers are.

Take a week and write down all of the tasks you engage in throughout the day and how much time you spend working on that activity. Then write down the goal of that particular task. For example, you goal when performing a healing service may be serving your clients and facilitating in their healing. Your goal when posting on Facebook may be to engage with your regular clients and give potential new clients an opportunity to interact with you.  If you don’t know the goal then you have to ask yourself why are you doing it?

Then after a month, look at all of those tasks and determine whether or not the goal was reached. And if it was reached, could you up the ante and achieve a higher goal? Then, make a small change to your routine to try to get better results and see what happens. Were you successful?

By measuring your results and becoming clear about what you hope to achieve, you give all the tasks in your day a purpose and you set an intention. You also can make adjustments and move forward to achieving greater success. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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