Lightworkers and the Coronavirus: Understanding Your Unique Role

lightworkers and the coronavirus

For lightworker business owners, the coronavirus pandemic poses a unique opportunity on many fronts. Not only does it give you the opportunity to take a pause and determine what you want to keep in your life, but it creates a moment in time when the world is focused on your specialty: healing.

Lightworkers are well-suited for this time. While some people are clamoring for the world to re-open and for businesses and entertainment venues to start bidding for our attention once again, lightworkers understand the value in stillness and focusing inward.

Some lightworkers have developed a special understanding of the coronavirus. For example, Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy, a naturopathic doctor, describes this time as being one for us to not only slow down, but to stop. “We are being forced to stop and look…to take a long hard look at our life and what’s actually happening in the world,” she writes. In a meditation with her higher self, the higher dimensional helpers and the Akashic Record, she also learned that the virus is showing the world that we are all connected.

The blessing of the coronavirus for lightworkers

When we stop what we are doing, we have a rare opportunity to evaluate whether we are truly living an authentic life. We can examine whether our life is filled with busy work or whether we are truly living our priorities and making choices that align with our soul’s purpose.

While we take a pause, lightworkers can consider what aspects of our lives we’d like to continue when life becomes ‘normal’ again. While we know there will be a new normal, that can be an exciting time to determine what that normal will look like for us.

For business owners, this can be a time to gauge whether our businesses are going in the direction we intend them to. Questions we can ask ourselves:

Are we selling the products and services we want to sell?
Are we serving the clientele we want to serve?
Have we lost focus and veered too far off the path we started on?
Have we lost sight of what our clients really need?
Do we still have a passion for what we do?

For those who are still working a 9 to 5 and thinking about turning a Reiki practice or another healing business into a full-time affair, we can ask ourselves:

Is now the time to focus on our passion?
Can I take advantage of this time to of reimagining to reimagine my career?
When I re-start my life, is this the time to re-start my vocation? may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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