Lightworkers and Money: Healing Deep Wounds

For lightworkers who are building a business around their spiritual healing work, money can be a blessing or a hindrance. And rarely are money difficulties purely about money. Feelings of guilt, low self-worth and fear are among the many culprits that can create financial challenges.

Beth-RapsBeth Gillian Raps, Ph.D. is certified in money coaching and her company RAISING CLARITY  helps individuals and organizations move past their financial inhibitions and other blocks surrounding money to achieve abundance. She speaks with about her work and how lightworkers can break their unwanted money patterns. In your work with lightworkers, what have you found to be the biggest block keeping spiritual entrepreneurs from creating a prosperous and abundant business?

Beth Raps: My response to your initial question is very brief: To put it in very simple, almost childlike terms because I think that’s where this block lives in us quite often (in a very childlike place), the biggest block I encounter is the view that “money is creepy.” What can lightworker business owners do to start to change their views about money if they believe that money is ‘creepy’?

Beth Raps: Everything! We can start anywhere because it’s all connected — and more importantly, we are all connected inside.  Are you visual? Imagery, including work in the dreamtime, is incredibly powerful — and fast-acting.

Sometimes we have to get ready inside for it to act as fast as it does! Are you strongly influenced by your parents’ beliefs about money? Repeated bad  experiences? Money coaching, in which I’m certified to work with both individuals and nonprofit organizations, is designed to heal these patterned wounds. Are you experiential? We work with trusting intuition or higher guidance in small steps to build that ability in you to experiment with your experience so you can experiment with new experiences involving money and serving others in a way that feels safe.

This builds up your ability to receive guidance, which is a positive feedback, building up your ability to implement what you hear (or see, or know, however you receive guidance), which in turn  strengthens guidance in you until you are guided fully by Spirit and  truth and love for yourself and others.  These are just a few of the main ways we work with the belief that money is creepy. What brought you to this line of work? How was the path revealed to you?

Beth Raps: The path keeps being revealed. A major turning point a few years ago was a line in Deepak Chopra’s Creating Affluence (which I recommend to most clients) urging us to help others make money and we would have more money ourselves.  I already identified as a lifelong organizer and fundraiser so that worked beautifully for me.  I met a money coach when I was learning Matrix Energetics, Tom Selkow.  He connected me with Deborah Price, who founded The Money Coaching Institute.  I went to train with her directly.

Money coaching for me is the missing piece I knew was keeping my organizational clients poor — because organizations are made up of individuals, and individuals have patterns and pass them on to their organizations.  Now I work with both.

I think I am doing  much better communicating the heart of what I do — letting people share the clear, calm, spacious space of my own heart, and passing that  well-organized, balanced, loving torch to them so it becomes their own  flame to support their work serving others.  Yet just today, in fact, I got some interesting feedback. I learned my site had been hacked and spreading malware!  Now I trust that I would never have attracted this unwanted attention if I weren’t also doing a great job attracting more  attention overall.  All things work together for good. (And of course we shut the site down immediately until it was fixed.)

That’s the Divine curriculum we teach at RAISING CLARITY: what’s the message from my experience today? This minute? What lesson would You have me learn, how  are You guiding me to change through this?

It’s intriguing to me  that this hacking comes at a time I am “emptying out” my practice, as  people can read about on the blog so that, come Fall, I will be doing my  new work.  I rely on Perelandra gardening principles. In their terminology, I’m a “soil-less gardener.”  My garden is RAISING CLARITY. I  have smaller gardens I tend for each of my clients.

Nature’s New Year is Fall, and Fall is around the corner.  The harvesting I am doing now makes way for the next cycle. (Working within seasons is in each of our seasonal newsletters. Click here for past issues, and subscriptions are free to all.)

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