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I’ve been writing about how media attention can help lightworkers since it provides free publicity and puts lightworkers in the mindsets of consumers. But the big question is: How do you get media organizations to notice you? Here are a couple of ways.

Create a blog and update it regularly. Journalists are always looking for sources for their articles, and there is a lot of interest these days in alternative medicine, holistic health and other metaphysical services. One way that journalists find potential sources is by Googling for them. Bloggers make excellent sources when journalists are trying to find people who have experienced whatever the journalist is writing about. A journalist who is writing about Reiki may Google Reiki practitioners and look for someone who shares their expertise in a blog because the journalist can quickly surmise that the person knows what he or she is talking about.  The more often you update your blog, the more likely more people will come across your posts, so blog often and show that you’re knowledgeable about your modality.

Help A Reporter Out. There’s an online service that journalists use to find sources called Help A Reporter Out. It’s free to use the service, and every day you’ll get three emails listing stories that journalists are working on and the types of sources they may be looking for. For example, a journalist who is doing an article about astrology may say he is looking for astrologers to contact him and provide contact information for the astrologers to do so. By using this service and reaching out to journalists that are looking for people like you, you’re helping the journalist and raising your own media profile.

Comment on media Web sites. Some media Web sites let readers comment on articles. By taking the time to leave comments on articles about holistic services or beliefs, you never know if you’ll end up on a journalist’s radar. You also begin to make a name for yourself as an expert in your field, which is what journalists are always looking for.

And here’s a secret about getting media coverage. Journalists like to interview people that other journalists have already interviewed, so once you break into one media publication, your chances rise exponentially that you’ll get a call from another media outlet.

If you’re serious about getting more media attention, consider taking part in a special Hay House event hosted by public relations and personal development expert Gabrielle Bernstein called How to Manifest Media for Your Message. With a focus on lightworkers and an acknowledgement of the spiritual principles we live by, Bernstein combines metaphysical tools such as intention and visualization with public relations strategies that will help you to attract media coverage for your lightworker business. The investment you make in this three-part online series will pay off in free media coverage, which will attract new customers and allow you to reach a larger audience with your service.

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