One Reason to Offer Free Services

While I’m not a proponent of lightworkers giving away their product or service, there are always exceptions to the rule. One is when you’re building your confidence in a new service or modality. Say you’re a psychic and you’ve recently started doing work as a medium. Or you may be a yoga teacher who is now trying your hand at wellness coaching. Lightworkers who are starting on a new path and adding new services to their arsenal may lack confidence or simply want to get better before charging customers their normal fees. Here’s how to keep your customers happy while you’re exploring a new path:

Practice on your most valued clients. When you’re exploring a new service, work first with the clients you feel closest to. Long-term clients are those that you have developed a relationship with. You’ll feel more comfortable trying something new with people that you know respect and appreciate your abilities.

Play the honesty card. When you’re in this situation, the best thing you can do is be honest with customers. Let them know that you’re exploring a new service and tell them you’d like for them to be a part of your learning process. That way, if you run into any challenges, your clients won’t feel that they got less than they bargained for.

Don’t charge full price. Either offer a discounted service or charge nothing at all. Since you’re building your knowledge base and experience level, it makes perfect sense to give the service away while you’re learning.

Ask for feedback in return. Once your clients understand that they will be getting the benefit of the service at a lesser cost, ask for their feedback in return. Their comments about how the service impacted them can help you discern areas where you need to grow, as well as build confidence in your ability to do the service in the first place. Create a questionnaire for clients to fill out after the service so giving their feedback is as easy as possible. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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