Afraid to ask for money? Here’s a solution

dollarsignsMoney is a topic that hits a nerve with most people so it’s not surprising that many lightworkers admit to having a hard time dealing with that aspect of their business.

One reader writes, I have no problem talking to people about what I do and explaining how it can help them or improve their lives. But when the conversation turns to what I charge for my services or how or when the client is going to pay, I just never know what to say.” Another reader describes the challenge she had in asking clients for money when the money was due in installments. “I have an online coaching program and my clients pay in monthly installments. I had several clients get behind on the payments and I always felt bad asking them about the money they owed. I felt like it created tension between us that often got in the way of the coaching session.”

This same reader has a solution that she uses that she agreed to let us share with other lightworkers who find themselves in the same situation.

“I basically created a different persona — I created a separate email address for her and gave her a different name and the title of ‘accountant.’ That persona emails clients when they’re late or owe money. It’s easier for me because I feel like I’m not doing the dirty work, and it allows me to interact with the clients as I normally would without tension over money that’s owed to me. I also found that clients quickly paid up after being contacted by the ‘accountant,’ who they perceived to be more about business than I was.”

Sure, one could say that lightworkers should become comfortable asking clients for money, but you have to work with where you are. If you’re uncomfortable today dealing with collections issues, this is a good way to temporarily relieve the pressure while you’re working on your money beliefs.

If you want to do some real inner work to change your attitudes about money, consider buying Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  The book talks about how your expectations about money literally shape your experience with it. If you believe money is hard to come by, you create that reality. Likewise, if you believe that you don’t deserve money, you may attract clients who believe the same thing (and hence, don’t pay you.) As you know, your beliefs play the biggest role in your ability to attract the wealth that you deserve.

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