Lightworker prosperity symbols for 2017

Learning and practicing business principles can help you to achieve success, but living solely on logic takes the magick of metaphysics and spirituality out of the equation. And you can only go so far by yourself. By calling on the Universe to do its part and creating avenues that invite it to do so, we can move forward faster and further than we ever could have gone by ourselves. (Of course your logic-loving friends will tell you differently, but the most successful people understand the power of magick and intention).

To give your intention to be prosperous in 2017 a boost, find a prosperity symbol that you can use to draw inspiration from. Depending on what it is, you can carry it around, wear it, use it or simply look at it. But it will serve as a reminder to you to expect prosperity and it will serve as an order to the Universe to work its magick.

Some possible prosperity symbols are:

aventurine-coverThe crystal Aventurine. This beautiful green crystal is known for enhancing career success. While some use it  when they are looking for a job, you can also use it to enhance the success you’re experiencing in your business. Carry it around in your pocket, or better yet, find a piece of jewelry that uses Aventurine and wear it when you’re working.

A $100 dollar bill. Activate the Law of Attraction by cultivating a prosperous mindset. When you feel rich, you act rich and you attract more money to you. Go to the bank and ask for a $100 dollar bill. Put it in your wallet, but don’t spend it. Simply keep it at all times. Whenever you’re feeling stressed about money, pull it out and look at it to remind yourself that you attract abundance and always have money. In fact, that’s a powerful statement or affirmation: I always have money. With your $100 dollar bill, that statement is always true.

A waterfall. Whether you hang up a picture with the image of a waterfall or find a small water fountain to sit on your desk, take advantage of the feng shui principle that waterfalls symbolize a constant flow of wealth and abundance.

You can also create your own symbol. Look through magazines and locate images that evoke feelings of wealth and prosperity. Frame one of the images and keep it in your line of vision. By flooding your mindset with prosperity, you’re setting your lightworker business up for a magickal year. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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