Is your business head-centered or heart-centered

heart-centeredIs your lightworker business heart centered or head centered? If it is head centered you are driven by what makes ‘business sense.’ You make practice-proven business strategies and you are very keyed into the bottom line. You do what has to be done, driven more by routine and process than you are by feeling and passion. You are slow to change when things are going well but you may change your entire business model if it isn’t profitable in a certain amount of time.

When it comes to customers, more is always better. You count your followers on Twitter, and you’re happy with any new way to squeeze an additional profit out of your business. You may not love what you do, but you love being in business.

If you won the $100 million dollar Powerball, you would sell your business or stop running it in an instant. You chose the business you’re in because it is a profitable area or because you identified a niche that it made sense to fill. You don’t get much joy in the day-to-day mundane aspects of the business, but you are motivated and inspired when your profits rise.

What is A Heart-Centered Business

If your business is heart centered, you loved what you did and built a business around it. You were doing it anyway, and would do it for free, so why not make money in the process. You feel more comfortable doing your work than you do running the business itself.

You care about your clients and always put their best interests first so there are some things you’d never do to make money such as sell their names and email addresses to a mailing list. You are on Twitter because you like interacting with people about what you do. You have a blog because you enjoy sharing your knowledge and experiences with like-minded people. Marketing was difficult for you until you realized that effective marketing is simply educating people about how you can help them, which is something you love to do.

When you work you get a sense of joy and satisfaction in the everyday, mundane accomplishments, and you are motivated whenever clients benefit from your services. When your profits rise, that is simply gravy. If you won the $100 BILLION dollar Powerball you would keep running your business, possibly charging nothing for your services because you would no longer need the money.

So which category does your lightworker business fall in? If you think I’m going to say that heart-centered is better than head-centered, you are wrong. I am not going to bash head-centered businesses. There are many head-centered businesses that go on to make billions, just as there are heart centered ones that fail. But it is important to be honest about what side of the line you fall on because only by understanding your personal motivation can you focus on the aspects of your business that make you happy.

Most Lightworkers Are Heart-Centered

I will dare to say that most lightworkers are heart-centered, which is probably why they are lightworkers in the first place. But that is not always the case. I know a couple who are both lightworkers and they own a metaphysical shop. The husband is very head-centered, focused on the bottom line and ensuring that the business is profitable and running efficiently. The wife is heart-centered and she is more focused on the healing and client needs that are met throughout the day. The combination works.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, own where you are. Then decide if you are where you want to be. If you are heart centered but could use some business help, take a business class or perhaps hire someone to handle some of your business tasks. If you thought you were heart centered, but reading the descriptions above made you realize you’ve been acting more like a  head-centered entrepreneur, take some time to step back and remember what drew you to your business in the first place.

A heart-centered business can excel. When you truly follow your heart,  your business will make a difference in the world , which is what all lightworkers live for. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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