Lightworkers, avoid this business mistake

lightworker business mistakeAs lightworkers, it’s tempting to throw ourselves headfirst into our dream. We know that we have a purpose and we have a passion for it so we want to devote all of our energies to making it work. But many of us ignore one practical thing that can thwart all of our efforts before we even get them off the ground. We ignore the basics of making a living.

Being a creative person, I’ve learned something over the years. My creativity is at an all-time low when I’m worried about the basics. When I’m struggling to find money to pay the rent or I’m looking to cut back on the grocery bill by chomping down ramen noodles, I don’t have those million-dollar ideas that will help my business to soar.

While I don’t want to spend all of my time working a job I hate or doing things for money that I don’t want to do, I’ve found that it’s often necessary. I’ve also seen lightworkers throw all of their energies into their lightworker businesses too soon — without having a way to take care of the basics. When they found themselves unable to pay their rent or in a dire financial situation, they were forced to give up their lightworker businesses — sometimes for good — in order to climb out of the financial hole.

Lightworker business basics

So one of the best ways to honor your passion is to focus on the bottom line and make sure you’re covering your basics. Here are some ways to approach it.

Create a balance

The best scenario is to do the minimum that you must do to make a comfortable living while giving yourself as much time as possible to work on your dream business. I wouldn’t recommend volunteering for overtime unless you really need the money. Figure out how much you need to be comfortable and determine what you need to do to make that amount. Don’t do anymore than that. Use the rest of your time and energy to focus on your goals. As your lightworker business makes more money, consider adjusting how much work you have to do outside of it.

Cut your expenses

If you’re really interested in creating a successful lightworker business, what are you willing to sacrifice? First off, I don’t think you should sacrifice comfort. Remember what I said about how my creativity wanes when I’m worried and uncomfortable. I think it’s important to eat well and healthy and give myself time and opportunity to rest, reset and recharge. However, when building my business, I cut out certain luxuries. Maybe I didn’t buy a new wardrobe each year, and I didn’t travel as much as some of my peers during the building stages of my business. That way, I had less money that I needed to make each month so I could do less work outside of my dream, giving me more time to put toward my passion.

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Remember you are the turtle, not the hare

So many of us sprint to the finish line of building a business and end up passing out with exhaustion before we get there. Working fast and hard shouldn’t be the objectives. Instead, strive to work smart. By taking your time and moving toward the finish line slowly and steadily, you’ll identify ways to to streamline your efforts and you’ll likely find that you get where you’re trying to go faster. Counterintuitive, but try it. It’s true.

Change your mindset about it

Think of your day job or side job as a way of investing in your dream. Think of it as a way to finance your dream so that you can pursue it. Sure, the goal is to eventually be able to make a full-time living following your passion. But your day job or part-time job can give you the freedom to pursue your dream while having the money you need to have the peace of mind to do so. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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