Lightworker business inspiration: Are you too wounded to heal?

fearOne problem that stops some lightworkers from starting a spiritual business is the belief that they are too wounded to heal. Sound familiar?

If you’re like many lightworkers, you became interested in healing because you wanted to learn how to deal with your own issues. You likely found great joy and comfort in dealing with your emotions in a safe and non-judgmental way.

In time, you may have discovered a love and a passion for a certain healing modality and decided you wanted to learn more about it. You may have taken classes so that you could bring even more healing to yourself. At a certain point, you may have decided you wanted to help other people. You may have even come to believe that this is in fact your purpose.

Yet you may remain hesitant because you believe you aren’t healed yet. You think you don’t know enough, or you haven’t confronted your own demons so you ask yourself, how can you help another person?

The truth of the matter is that the journey to healing is always a journey and never a destination. You never get to the point in which you’re completely healed or in your mind completely ‘ready’ to make a difference. So it’s important that you get started wherever you are, whether you think you’re ready or not.

Once you open yourself to attract clients, you will come across the people you are meant to teach. You will find yourself drawn to people who need just the bit of information that you are able to offer. Perhaps they will outgrow you at some point, and then they will be drawn to their next healer or teacher. However, it is your job to provide the service that you are able to provide – and that will be enough.

And while you begin to start offering your services, continue your education. As you learn more, you will be able to give more. And you and your clients will all benefit from it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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