What spiritual healers can learn from an accountant

I had a conversation with a lightworker friend of mine. Brenda said she’d gotten so many calls over the holidays for readings since people were off and could make time to schedule appointments. I thought that was great. I had even blogged about how the holidays season could be a very lucrative time for some lightworkers. But Brenda surprised me when she said, “I didn’t feel like working over the holiday season so I said ‘no’ to all of the work.”

Now Brenda — and every other spiritual healer — is perfectly able to do anything she chooses. If she wants to take a vacation, good for her. But I question whether it makes business sense to take her vacation during what could potentially be her busiest periods.

Being an entrepreneur, Brenda can take off whenever she wants. What’s to stop her from taking a week off right before the holiday rush or two weeks after the rush? Consider an accountant. Could you imagine an accountant taking off the first two weeks of April? Chances are, that accountant wouldn’t be in business for too long. Plus, the accountant would have plenty of time to rest after April 15th. In fact, he or she might even book a vacation after tax day thanks to all of the money made during that busiest season.

My point is we as lightworkers have the power to set our own schedules so we should make those schedules work for us, not against us.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What days do you attract the most clients?

What times of the year are people most likely to want your service?

What days do you attract the fewest clients?

Are there times of the year when business is generally slow?

Incorporate this knowledge into your business plan. Instead of going against the grain and trying to pull in clients on those slow days and turning away clients when they’re beating down your door, why not set your schedule so that you’re available when those clients are most likely to come and you rest when the tide turns the other way. By going with the ebb and flow of your business, you’ll maximize your money while minimizing your marketing efforts, saving your energy for the healing work you went into business for.



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  1. Believe it or not, the Christmas holidays are slow for me. I remember one time i had 4 events to play at in a period of a week and a half. Some people would say that is great. But the real reason for the slow was not my service or demeanor, i’ve gotten hit with issues of how people were responding to the economy. More people were afraid to ask me to lower my rates or just simply assumed that i was too expensive. So as it turns out, its a blessing in disguise, i hate cold weather…lol. I ended up with more events during the summer from school dances, weddings, graduation parties, cookouts, its seems for me that during my favorite time of the year i seem to feel a lot better (i.e. warmer temperatures, more sunlight, etc) and therefore i’m attracting more clients who want to do busisness with me. The winter time is usually slower for me but its okay though, because this is a time for me to promote myself for the summer. And make no mistake, i did have a busy summer last year.

  2. Floyd,
    It interested me to see your correlation between feeling better and attracting more clients. That makes a lot of sense in a Law of Attraction way. When you feel good, things flow to you. Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting!


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