Learn how to help clients discover their past lives

Many lightworkers and soulpreneurs offer more than one type of service. For example, a massage therapist may also offer intuitive readings. Likewise, an astrologer might also teach Reiki. If you’ve been thinking about adding past life regression to your arsenal of skills, an online course by Dr. Steve Jones may be of interest to you.

The idea of past lives and reincarnation is very popular today. Not only are many people open to the belief, but many would like to know more about their past lives and how their past lives may be playing a role in their current lives. For example, it is widely believed that we bring certain fears and phobias into our current lives from past lives. A person who was killed in a fire in a past life may have an unexplainable fear of fire in their current life.

People often wonder if the loved ones in their current life were with them in their past lives. Past life regression experts say that is very common and the discovery of a past life connection could be the key that sends someone on a journey to learn more about reincarnation.

As people seek to explore the impact of past lives on their current lives, they are looking for those who are able to guide them on that journey. The American Alliance of Hypnotists is offering what they’re calling the Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course, which will give you the training to help clients in that endeavor.

Since it is an online course, students can start whenever they want and can work at their own leisure.

Among the subjects covered in the course are how to present information about past life regression to clients, as well as how to handle clients’ misinformation, mistrust and other internal blocks they may have to the process.

The online course also teaches several methods for inducing the type of hypnotic state that is necessary to facilitate a successful past-life regression, as well as how to interpret information that comes through the session. There is a method to asking questions of clients who are going through a past-life regression to avoid putting ideas into their heads. You want them to access their memories; it’s important that you don’t plant false memories in their heads. The course touches on that, as well.

Even if you decide not to offer past-life regression as a service, you may gain more insight into the subject matter for your know increased metaphysical knowledge. Click here to learn more about the course.

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