How the Law of Giving and Receiving can boost your business

Law of Giving and ReceivingSpiritual Law is powerful. While many people fight against it, lightworkers who embrace its power can prosper. One way to boost your business using Spiritual Law is to practice the Law of Giving and Receiving.

The Law of Giving and Receiving acknowledges that energy is transmitted via a cycle of give and take. We give to others and we receive. This law applies to money, time, love and every other energetic substance in the Universe.

If we have a problem giving, or we refuse to give, we block the natural flow of things moving from us and moving to us. Likewise, if we have a problem receiving or we don’t allow others to give to us, we, again, block the natural flow of things moving from us and moving to us.

So how can this apply to your lightworker business? If your business is only focused on profits and getting what you can get from customers, your business is operating against Spiritual Law. Likewise, if your business is giving away everything for free and it’s not receiving anything for the services that it puts out, it is operating against spiritual law. Either way, if your business is operating against spiritual law, you’re going to have financial challenges and your business is not going to be as abundant as it could be.

If you want to make the most of the Law of Giving and Receiving, here are some steps you can take.

Make charitable giving a part of your strategy. Give a percentage of profits to a charity that means a lot to you, or set aside a certain amount of time each month to volunteer your services. Another way to incorporate this law is to offer a few sessions or services per month on a sliding scale for customers who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Give customers a chance to give. Some customers may want to take part in the giving spirit with you. Let customers know of any charities that your business supports and allow them the opportunity to exercise the Law of Giving and Receiving, as well.

Be willing to ask for what you’re worth. Lightworkers often have an easy time with giving. But if we can’t receive, we’re doing just as much harm to our financial energy flow. Get comfortable asking clients for money. If an amount feels uncomfortable to ask for, ask yourself why. Are you really asking for too much or are you afraid that your services aren’t valuable enough? While it’s important to give, you must counter that with receiving what the Universe is prepared to give back to you.

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