Using psychic ability to run your spiritual healing business

If you’re a lightworker or spiritual healer, chances are you depend greatly on your psychic ability. You are comfortable going with your gut and you don’t like to be tied down to a monotonous routine.

Can you run a successful lightworker business with those attributes? Absolutely. But you must still make sure you meet measurable goals in a consistent way.

You’ve got to figure out if your efforts are yielding the results you want, but at the same time, you’ve got to give your efforts time to pan out.

That’s where a plan comes in handy. But I’m not saying you should toss intuition and your inherent psychic ability. In fact, you want to use your psychic ability to come up with your plan. 

Ask yourself which actions feel right? Which ones feel lighthearted and pleasurable when you think about them? Those are steps you want to take. If you think about certain actions and dread taking them, don’t bother. Remember, you call the shots. As light workers, this is not new information. We ‘get’ intuition, but do we apply it to our businesses?

Say you’re trying to increase your number of massage clients or Reiki healing clients by 10 percent. You first want to give yourself a timeframe for doing so, say, three months. Then you want to come up with a list of steps you’ll take to accomplish your goal.

First, you might attend one networking event per week where people interested in holistic healing gather.

Second, you might go out once a week hanging up fliers and giving out business cards.

Third, you might post once a week about massage specials or Reiki healing specials to your email list or social media account.

As you’re moving toward that three-month-mark, you want to see if you’re making progress. Are you moving toward that 10 percent goal? If so, keep the model going. If you get to the three-month mark and you haven’t made progress, it’s time to come up with a new plan.

Planning doesn’t negate your psychic ability. Rather it gives your psychic ability a framework from which to flow.

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