Interpreting dreams for business success

When it comes to solving business problems, lightworkers have one advantage: We understand that depending entirely on the logical mind puts us at a disadvantage. We prefer to rely on our intuition and we would rather feel our way through challenges than overthink them. So how can we make our intuition more a part of the process? We can turn to our dreams.

Many of us look to our dreams for insight. But we often take a reactionary approach. If we have a dream that stands out, we wonder what it means and may even journal about it to try to figure it out. But we can also take a proactive approach to incorporating dreamwork into our day-to-day business (and personal) lives. Edgar Cayce was known for accessing his psychic ability through his sleep, and while we may not consider ourselves as intuitive as old Edgar, we can use some of the same techniques.

Consider the following suggestions for using your dreams to help further your business goals.

Set the right intention. Everything starts with intention. If you have a business problem that you can’t seem to solve or you’ve hit a creative block, the worst thing you can do is try to force it. Instead, resolve to let your subconscious mind take a stab at it and turn the problem over to your dreams. Before you go to sleep, state silently to yourself that you intend to wake up with a solution. Then be ready to act upon what you receive.

Amass tools to help you. There are metaphysical tools that can help you with dreamwork. The crystal malachite is known for enhancing both your dreams and your imagination. Amethyst is another crystal that is often used to promote dreaming. Put one or both under your pillow before going to sleep at night. You might also take advantage of aromatherapy by using blends designed to promote dreaming.

Keep a dream journal. We always dream, but we don’t always remember the details. To help you make the most of what you dream, keep a dream journal by your bed so you can immediately record the details that you do recall. Once you start writing, you may find that you remember more. If you don’t like writing, keep a recorder near your bed and speak your recollections of the dream. A dream might not make sense on its own, but if you record your dreams regularly, you may notice patterns beginning to emerge.  Granted, every dream won’t necessarily be about your business, but whatever insight you gain will be important. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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