If lightworkers move should they lower their prices?


Many lightworkers find coming up with pricing very challenging. You may wrestle over whether you’re charging too much for your services. Some lightworkers fear that if they charge prices that are too high, they will scare away customers. So when you come up with a price that works for you and your customers, that can be a relief.

But what about if you move? Say you live in a city where people are willing to spend $150 an hour on psychic services or energy work. Then you move to another city where people are not as familiar with your service and they don’t understand the value. Should you charge lower prices? And if you do, does that mean you are settling or selling yourself short?

The truth of the matter is that location can make a huge difference in what you’re able to charge. Once you know you’ll be moving to a new location, take the following steps to come up with a rate that will work.

Survey other lightworkers in the new community. One of the best ways to determine what the market will bear is to simply see what other similar businesses are charging. If you find that there aren’t a lot of lightworkers in your new community, you’ll likely have to put in some time educating the community on how valuable your work is. However, that can be a fun experience and it can open up a new stream of income for you as you come up with webinars, courses and other educational events.

Consider the cost of living. If you’re moving to a place with a lower cost of living, most likely people make less than they would make in more expensive metropolitan areas. But money goes further. So even if you have to charge less to customers, you may end up doing better financially than you did in a more expensive city where you could charge more, but ended up paying more money for your living expenses.

Start off with introductory pricing. One way to let customers get used to your services is to offer introductory pricing. Let customers in your new area know that your services will be discounted for a period of time so they can get to know you. Once people experience what you have to offer, experiment with raising prices slowly to see what people are willing to pay.

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