How your Guides can help your healing practice

angelHow do you ensure that your work is infused with spiritual purpose? When you’re running a business, it can be easy to become disconnected from your heart and get so involved with the day-to-day that you’re not always honoring the spiritual root of your practice.  In The Ethical Psychic: A Survival Guide for the Professional Psychic, Freya Ray, a professional tarot reader and a shaman, describes the importance of having sacred rituals that mark your healing work and separate that work from everything else that you do during the day. One of the best ways to do this is to call in your Guides to help you.

Calling in your Guides

She describes her technique for calling in her Guides whenever she does a professional reading or healing session. I thought the technique was a good one that you can draw from or use for inspiration for creating your own. Ray also offers plenty of other great advice for professional psychics and other lightworkers who are trying to make a living spreading their light in the world.

The following excerpt is taken from The Ethical Psychic: A Survival Guide for the Professional Psychic:

I have  a very simple technique for calling in my team for a reading. I say, “I call in all my Guides and Angels to be here for the reading of my dear sister/brother _______. I ask that I can be a clear and open channel for the information she/he needs to receive, and that I can speak it in a way that she/he can understand.”

Ray goes on to say that she used to say these words out loud, and then she began to say them in her head. While she’s saying — or thinking — the words, she also uses her breathing to connect to her inner source.

At that point she begins the reading or healing.

Once you invoke your Guides, it’s also important to release them once you’ve finished your work.

When Ray finishes a reading or healing service, she is sure to thank her Guides, saying, “Thank you everybody for being here with me today. I release this circle.”

Try your own version of incorporating your Guides into your work and see whether it makes a difference. Here’s betting that it does.

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