How yoga teachers can grow their business

If you are a yoga teacher who has  recently opened a yoga studio or you are teaching open air classes, you are probably wondering how to market and grow your yoga business. You may have tried a few things and they did not produce the results you were expecting. The truth is that marketing your yoga business is not unlike marketing most any other business as far as the methodology is concerned. The approach may be different, based on industry specifics, but the methodology will remain the same.

When the term methodology is used within this article it refers to the different modes or mediums that are used to engage potential customers. The bottom line in marketing is always about customer engagement. You want exposure to your target audience. This article will list 3 tips that will provide you with a powerful methodology base. It will be up to you to scale the approach.

Find a Niche

In a market that is rapidly becoming oversaturated, you have to create a situation in which you transform yourself from a guppy in the ocean to a big fish in a small pond. What this means is move away from the general practices that other teachers and studios are doing. Find a niche. Find an area of focus and then market and brand yourself as an expert in that particular yoga discipline.

This is an extremely strong concept that works in any industry. Developing a niche allows you to corner a small portion of the yoga market. You won’t have as large of a target audience, but you will have a great deal less competition. Another benefit to focusing on a specialty discipline is normally that comes with increased rates. Whether you are a lightworker or you are specializing in some other capacity, find a smaller pond that will make you the big fish.

Develop a Service Oriented Approach

As a general rule, most yoga studios focus on being the best in teaching their particular discipline; very few are focused on taking a proactive approach to customer service and customer support. Customer engagement is a huge part of stabilizing your business. There was a time that customers were extremely loyal to their brands; however, consumers have become more bargain and discount conscious. The intense competition has created the perfect storm for consumers. They can always find a great deal; may times with someone other than their favorite brand or company. This proclivity to jump ship actually intensifies the competitive cycle.

When you focus on customer service you engage a customer in a manner that makes your relationship with that customer seem more personal. Something as simple as sending out a weekly newsletter or thank you cards can go a long way in winning the loyalty of that customer. The key is loyal customers normally make great personal advertisements.

Social Media

Whatever you do, take advantage of social media. There are ways to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to build a local audience that will be interested in what you have to offer. You can open a free account with either of these platforms and there are many more, such as YouTube. If you learn to leverage YouTube, you are one viral video away from taking your business to an entirely different level.

These steps present a unique opportunity for you to strategically position yourself in your industry in a manner that will allow you to expand your yoga business. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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