How to get free clients to pay

paying-for-servicesIt’s not uncommon for lightworkers who are starting businesses to offer services for free in order to introduce themselves to new clients. Some might be trying to give potential clients a taste of what they can do for them. Others may want to offer free services in order to increase their confidence level. Still others might want to offer free services in order to gain more experience.

Whatever the reason, there will likely come a time when you no longer want to offer free services and you want to get clients to pay.

But how do you go from having a client who is used to getting a service for free to a client who is willing to pay? And willing to pay what you want to charge?

The easiest way to make this transition is to keep it in mind from the very beginning. When you first start to offer free services, it’s a good idea to let people know that the free services are only temporary. For example, when marketing your free services, you might write, ‘Limited time only: Free introductory services.’ That lets customers know that they are getting something special and they shouldn’t get used to having services done for free.

But what if you haven’t let clients know from the beginning that the free services are only temporary? Some lightworkers mistakenly feel like they are stuck with giving free or low-cost services to the customers that were there in the beginning. They may decide to only charge new customers their new rates to avoid confronting the old clients about money.

However, that’s a bad idea. Your services are valuable and you deserve to be paid a fair rate for them. Instead, you must let all of your clients know that a price change is in order.

When having this conversation:

Let clients know early. Don’t just change prices one day without giving notice. Let your regular clients know that you will be charging or raising rates in the near feature. If you can give them a month’s notice, that will give them time to prepare. They’ll also have ample time to enjoy the old rate for a brief time if they choose to.

Refrain from apologizing. Some lightworkers — and business owners in general — feel bad about asking people for money. They may say something like ‘We’re no longer able to operate at our current price level.’ Run your business from a spirit of abundance rather than a spirit of lack. You’re raising your rates because you are ready to increase the abundance that is flowing into your life.

Be willing to let a client go. There may be a client or two who is unwilling to pay for your services. That’s ok. You don’t have to compromise your desire to be paid in order to keep that client. Let them go and have faith that you will attract clients who are willing to pay the new rate. Often we have to let go of what we don’t want before we can attract what we do want. Let go and exhibit faith and expectation that you’ll have all of the clients you need.
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