How to find Reiki jobs using LinkedIn

Reiki healers have a lot of tools at their disposal to help them to find Reiki jobs and build Reiki businesses. One tool that you should not overlook is LinkedIn, the social network that has managed to stand out among the others as far as professionalism is concerned. Every Reiki business owner should be on LinkedIn because there are a number of ways that the network can help you to find a job or make connections that can help you to grow as a Reiki practitioner.

Creating a LinkedIn account is free. While you can upgrade to paid accounts for the ability to find additional people and contact a broader range of other LinkedIn members, you don’t need a paid account to get a lot of functionality out of the service. To get set up on LinkedIn, Reiki healers should fill out a profile, which includes your professional and educational background. You can also indicate what types of connections you’re interested in making with people. For example, you can indicate that you’re interested in getting back in touch with people you’ve met in the past or you’re interested in opportunities to share your expertise.

Reiki healers who want to make the most of LinkedIn should do the following things.

Make sure you describe your Reiki proficiency and experiences. In the Resume section of LinkedIn where you describe your professional background, you want to go into detail about the Reiki work that you’ve done and any Reiki certifications that you have. One of the greatest things about LinkedIn is that people can search for other people based on their skills. So someone who is looking for a Reiki practitioner in your hometown can do a search for that. You want to make sure you have enough information about your experience to appeal to those who may be searching for you.

Ask for recommendations. LinkedIn allows Reiki healers and other lightworkers to share recommendations others have about their work. Email clients who you have a good relationship with and ask them to post a recommendation about your work. Make it easy by sending the clients the link to your LinkedIn profile. One of the best ways to advertise your services is through the word of mouth of others. Let your previous clients be your biggest advocates.

Utilize the endorsement feature of LinkedIn. Endorsements are another way for LinkedIn users to let others know about their skills. LinkedIn members simply click on a button that describes a skill that other LinkedIn members have. Ask your contacts to endorse you for Reiki, or better yet, spread the wealth by endorsing your contacts for their skills. Many will likely return the favor.

Check the LinkedIn jobs feature. Another strength of LinkedIn is that it has a job board. It can’t hurt to periodically check it to see if any Reiki jobs have turned up in your area. To do a search, click on Jobs in the top navigation bar. See this post for more information on finding Reiki jobs

Join Reiki groups. LinkedIn is great for facilitating connections, and members can further those relationships by participating in groups related to specific topics. There are a number of groups on LinkedIn for Reiki healers including Reiki Healers Worldwide and Reiki Professionals. Not only might you benefit from Reiki job tips from other members of the group but you can make connections that can help you in your professional and personal practice. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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