How the Long Island Medium Set Lightworkers Back

Have you seen the Priceline commercial starring Theresa Caputo, better known as the Long Island Medium? If you haven’t seen her Long Island Medium show, check out a couple episodes here: Homecoming and Meeting the Parents.

In the commercial, she channels the dead Priceline Negotiator for a couple who’s looking to save money on a trip. While the commercial may seem cute on the surface, Caputo has done a disservice to lightworkers everywhere by making a mockery of her ability to communicate with spirits on the other side.  For a skeptic, this commercial adds more fuel to the fire that intuitive readings and other holistic services are nothing more than fraudulent scams. I’ve long been a fan of shows such as the Long Island Medium and Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead because they give the world a better understanding of mediumship and intuition and show that they’re not so much hocus pocus, but a skill that is worthy of payment for. (For more information, read  What Can A Medium Tell You?)

They also go a long way in making holistic services more mainstream. There are people who have been introduced to the idea of paying for an intuitive reading thanks to shows like this. Likewise, there are people who have always been curious about holistic services who saw such shows and then acted on that curiosity.

However, as shows such as the Long Island Medium represent a step forward for lightworkers, commercials such as the Priceline commercial represent two steps back. If I’m on the verge of getting an intuitive reading for the first time and I see that commercial, I may hesitate, thinking such readings to be nothing more than fun and games. In fact, when watching that commercial, I had visions of Miss Cleo and the Psychic Friends Network, which many people (myself included) consider to be more entertainment than holistic service.

Lightworkers, if you want people to take your work seriously, you must take it seriously. A step forward for one lightworker is a step forward for the collective group. Too bad the Long Island Medium didn’t get that message.

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  1. I haven’t been this disgusted in a long time.
    Teresa Caputo has not only lost a viewer of her
    show (if it has even been renewed; which this
    commercial leads me to believe it hasn’t) has
    made a COMPLETE fool of herself and has done a
    huge disservice to ligitimate mediums. Greed can
    be damaging to all.

  2. I actually liked that commercial. It really caught me by surprise when i first saw it. I say its more promotion for her business.


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