How psychics can sell their predictions

It’s wise to always look for new streams of income. That way, if one part of your business is experiencing a slump or slow period, another may be continuing to bring in cash. One alternative stream of income for psychics is e-books that feature predictions.

People love predictions, whether they are about the coming year or world events or even the U.S. Presidential election. Look at the enduring success of psychics such as Nostradamus, whose predictions are still being discussed today.

One of the best things about writing e-books is that you don’t need a middleman like a publisher to reach your audience. If you have an expertise on a particular niche and you can find your audience, you can sell directly to that audience. For example, you can sell your e-books on your web site. People who look for new books to read on their kindles or those searching online for predictions can also come across your writing that way.

Another benefit of writing e-books is that they don’t have to be too lengthy. People tend to be more interested in quality than quantity of pages. Make sure your content is good, and you’re giving the customer what they want. In other words, if you are selling to prediction fans, make sure you include plenty of predictions.

After  you write your manuscript, hire a graphic designer to create a cover and upload it to Amazon’s kindle publishing system.

By writing e-books of predictions, you not only give your clients a product that they can buy, but you have an opportunity to introduce yourself to a whole new group of clients, which is important if you’re trying to make a full–time living as a psychic. You may even find that you enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts, and you may even go on to write e-books on other topics such as psychic ability.

Here are examples of e-books featuring predictions that that have been released in recent months. Why not add your voice to the fray?

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions provides John Hogue’s intuitive feelings about Donald Trump’s chances to win the White House in the United States. At $3.99, the e-book will likely make a good impulse buy for those interested in both politics and psychic predictions. Hogue has written other prediction books and is an expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Fifty Psychic Predictions For 2016 and Beyond was written by the Annapolis Remote Viewing Group, an organization that practices their psychic ability. How innovative of them to take their skill set and create a book around it. At $2.99 on Kindle, again, the book makes a great impulse buy for prediction fans. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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