How psychics can evolve with their clients

So you’re a psychic and you make most of your money by giving readings. Have you thought about how to grow and naturally expand your business offerings?

Why  not grow with your clients.

psychicBecoming interested in psychic readings is a sign of someone who is growing in their knowledge of spirituality, metaphysics and consciousness. But we are all always evolving. As someone gains more knowledge about metaphysics, they are often going to want to expand their experiences in other ways.

So what can you offer your current clients to help them to grow spiritually and metaphysically? You can offer them intuitive development classes.

Offering psychic development courses to others

It’s natural for many people to want to learn how to increase their psychic ability once they’ve become accustomed to psychic readings. Think of your own psychic development. What prompted you to learn how to strengthen your intuition to the point that you felt comfortable reading for yourself or giving readings to others?  If you have regular clients who come to you for intuitive advice, then you have a client base who could potentially want to strengthen their own psychic abilities.

To tap this potential market, consider doing the following:

Survey your clients. Ask them if they’ve thought about getting in touch with their intuition so they don’t have to depend so much on outside sources for psychic advice.

Host a free workshop.  Give your clients a taste of what it is like to be better in tune with their own intuition. Teach them basic intuitive skills a couple of reading techniques, such as a basic Tarot Card spread.

Start an intuitive development blog. Do you have a Web site? Or an email mailing list? If you have a way to communicate with clients virtually, use the medium to share psychic development tips. Then advertise the fact that you are offering a class where your clients can learn more.

You can offer psychic development courses in variety of ways. If there’s a lot of interest in a class, host a workshop for multiple people at one time. When you do a workshop in this manner, you can charge a low price since you have the benefit of volume. For example, a three-hour class for $45 would give you $450 with just 10 people.

You can also offer psychic development coaching or classes one-on-one. Typically these types of classes are more intensive since all of your attention is on one person. They can also be personalized to cater to the strengths and weaknesses of that particular person. It makes more sense to charge more for this type of coaching. It’s not unusual to see psychics charging $100 to $150 per hour for one-on-one psychic development training. Your pricing should be comparable to what life coaches and other types of coaches would charge.

Nobody says that you have to stop giving readings. But by expanding your business to offer other services, your clients can grow — and so can you.
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