How lightworkers should handle cynical clients

Every now and then lightworkers will get a client who wants to challenge them. A psychic may get a client who wants proof that he or she is the real deal. An energy healer may get a client who appears overly skeptical about what the healer purports to do. Sometimes clients will tell you outright that they don’t believe in the service that you provide. Other times, clients won’t tell you but you’ll sense their hostility.

So should lightworkers see such clients? If you choose not to see such a client you should not feel guilty. As a spiritual healer, you want clients who are in alignment with you. A client who is in alignment with you does not demand that you prove anything. Spiritual law says that when you let go of what you don’t want you create room for something better. If you refuse a client who is cynical or skeptical, you will attract other clients in their place.

If you do decide to turn such a client away:

–Refund their money. Even if you offered part of the service, refund their money and let them know that it isn’t a good fit. While you may feel like the person is getting over on you because they’re not paying for the service they did refuse, think about the energy exchange involved. You’re receiving money — a form of energy — in exchange for your service — another form of energy. If someone is hostile toward you, you don’t want their energy — including their money.

–Suggest another spiritual healer. Sometimes the problem could be that your personality doesn’t vibe with the client. Perhaps another lightworker would be a better fit. Offer to suggest a substitution.

Everyone won’t choose to turn such a client away. If you’d rather stick it out with the cynical client, consider the following tips:

–Don’t change your routine. Even if the client criticizes the way you do things, stick to your guns. Don’t let someone change the way that you run your business or practice your healing modality.

–Stay calm. No matter how mad  you might get, getting into a yelling match with a client is never a good idea. In fact, if you’re finding that you are getting angry and emotional, it’s best to end the session, refund the money and call it a loss. Your peace of mind is priceless. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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