How lightworkers can share expenses

Stacks of U.S. Dimes, Pennies, and NickelsRunning a lightworker business can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs by sharing expenses with other lightworkers. What other holistic professionals do you know, and could they use some of the same services that you use on a part-time basis? Don’t think you’re taking advantage of someone because you’re not. Some holistic practitioners don’t want to take on 100 percent of the costs of certain services for their business so such an agreement would be a God-send to them. Here are some expenses that you can go Dutch on:

Rent. This is a big one. Do you need all of the space a particular commercial spot has to offer? Is there room for two or more practitioners to provide services? Or do you only use the building on certain days? Could you rent it out to someone else on the other days? You can even save money by renting out a room some evenings per week to other practitioners for workshops or services. Be creative. If you don’t use all of your space all of the time, you can save yourself some money by providing that access to someone else.

Utilities. Along with rent comes the cost of utilities, such as electricity and water. When you rent space with another practitioner all of the other costs and services — think housekeeping — can be split down the middle.

Advertising. Those fliers or that Web site don’t just have to have information about your lightworker business. They can also tout the services of another holistic professional. Consider marketing services as a group and save money and share customers.

Web conferencing services. Do you have access to a system that lets you do Webinars or teleconferences? Do you have access 24 hours per day? If you don’t use it every day (and chances are you don’t), you can rent out access to the service to other holistic practitioners so they can host Webinars for their audience.

The cost of an expo table. If you’re planning to buy a table so you can advertise your services at a holistic expo consider joining forces with another holistic professional, particularly someone who does something different from you. You’ll save money and introduce your services to their customers in the process. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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