How Lightworkers Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

So you’ve been thinking about starting a lightworker business. You have a passion for healing and bringing light into the world. Maybe you have a passion for crystals and you want to be a crystal healer. Or you might want to be a Reiki teacher or open up a yoga studio. Perhaps you want to bring your holistic or nutrition knowledge to the masses as a coach. What’s stopping you? For some, it might be imposter syndrome.

imposter syndromeWhat is imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is the belief that you don’t have enough knowledge or experience in your field or profession. You might feel like a fraud, and subconsciously fear that others will believe that you are a fraud too. This belief can be totally unfounded, and typically it is. Not only do you have the qualifications to do what you do, but others recognize it.

However, the fear can be detrimental because it can keep you from moving forward, or stop you from doing things in your field because you believe you’re not ready or you don’t know enough. For lightworkers, imposter syndrome can show up in a number of ways:

  • It can stop you from sharing your gifts with the world
  • It can stop you from telling people about your products or services
  • It can stop you from starting your lightworker business in the first place
  • It can stop you from offering a new line of products or services
  • It can stop you from starting an online course to teach others
  • It can stop you from sharing your expertise through public speaking or the writing of a book

Signs you have imposter syndrome

So how do you know that you have imposter syndrome?  She lightworkers might put off starting their businesses because they believe they need to read another book or take another course. Others might shrug off the idea of going into business because they think others won’t take them seriously. Some may avoid getting certifications that can help them move from being a hobbyist to being a professional.

The important thing to understand is that imposter syndrome is a belief. That doesn’t make it a fact. Just like any other negative thought, it can be overcome and banished.

It you think you have imposter syndrome, here are some ways that you can combat it:

Use your lightworker beliefs to your advantage

Lightworkers in general have a strong understanding of the power of thoughts. If you are a law of attraction believer, you know that you can literally transform your life by transforming your thoughts and beliefs. Imposter syndrome is a belief that comes about from repetitive negative thoughts. Start countering those thoughts when they come up.

In other words, when you feel like you’re not experienced enough or good enough to do the job, remind yourself of times when you served others and someone else benefited from your knowledge. Remind yourself of how your services are needed. Also recognize that you can teach what you know today. And as you continue to learn, you can add your new knowledge to your arsenal of offerings.

Find likeminded lightworker entrepreneurs

Joining a professional association of lightworkers such as the Reiki Healing Association can be a gamechanger. You might think you’re not ready to bring your lightworker business to the world or grow your business. But when you spend time with other soulpreneurs, you will see that all entrepreneurs have doubts and fears. You will also have people to trade ideas with and you can all grow your businesses together.

Use coursework and certifications to build confidence

If you really don’t think you have enough knowledge, take a course. However, limit yourself to one or two courses before you take some action to build your business. You don’t want to fall into the trap of constantly taking courses while putting off implementing the knowledge. Education can be used as a procrastination tool.

If other soulpreneurs in your field have certain certifications, becoming certified can also help you overcome imposter syndrome. Having a third party approve your knowledge base can give you the confidence you need to move forward. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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