How lightworkers can avoid payment troubles

Close-up of a piggy bank with a two euro coin sticking out of topMost likely you’d rather spend your time focused on your healing practice rather than collecting money from clients, but sometimes lightworker business owners perform their services only to be met with a client that can’t pay. Perhaps the client is unhappy with the service and refuses to pay. Or maybe the client lets you know after  receiving the service that he or she cannot make a payment right now. One massage therapist I know had a client tell her she’d forgotten her wallet and could not pay, but she promised to send the payment once she got home. The payment never arrived.

Regardless of the cause of the non-payment, it’s not fair for lightworkers to provide their valuable time and energy only to be denied what as promised in exchange.

While you can’t control what your clients do, there are policies that you can put in place to decrease the odds that you’ll go through the hassle of having a client skip out on a bill.

  • The best way to avoid this is to have clients pay upfront; that way you know that you have the money in advance. If a customer comes for a reading, collect the money first. If a client insists on experiencing the service beforehand, volunteer to give him or her a free five minutes before the money is due.  If they refuse, that just may not be the client for you. If you’re providing the service via telephone or online, have a form of online payment available such as PayPal to collect money, again before the service is rendered.
  • Sometimes a service is long-term in nature. For example, you might be teaching a six-week course, or you might be coaching someone in developing their intuition. Maybe you don’t want to charge the entire amount upfront. Sometimes clients would have a difficult time paying the entire amount upfront. In this case, break the cost up in increments. Charge something upfront, and then charge a certain amount weekly or monthly depending upon how long the service lasts. That way, even if the client experiences financial difficulties at some point, you have something for your services.
  • Be wary of some payment methods. When it comes to payments, cash is king, but some clients may prefer to pay with a check. Consider whether you want to take the chance of a check bouncing. Some lightworker business owners don’t accept checks at all. If you do decide to take checks, consider putting a policy in place that charges clients a fee for returned checks, and if a client does pay with a check that bounces, have a policy in place that ensure that that particular client can never pay by check again.

You can’t avoid all payment hassles, but with some guidelines in place, you can nip some payment problems in the bud before they can wreak havoc on your cashflow.
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