How lightworkers and spiritual healers can attract the right clients

One of the most common questions lightworkers and spiritual healers who want to go into business ask is, “How do I get clients?”

But professional healers should be asking, “how do I attract the right clients for me?” In this day of twitter feeds tossing out marketing messages to any and everybody, lightworkers and spiritual healers should be tailoring a marketing message that weeds out curious consumers and focuses on the ideal clients who appreciate their work and will support their growing business.

What is the benefit of having 5,000 people on an email list if 4,900 of them delete your messages without reading them? It would be better to have an email list of 300 subscribers who are happy to read your updates and willing to buy your products and services.

During the height of the recession, a life coach I know raised her rates to $300 an hour. Many people told her she should be lowering her rates to counteract the bad economy. Her response: “The clients I attract will pay $300 an hour.” She didn’t waste her time marketing to people who would question paying $300 an hour for a coaching session. And her practice thrived with clients willing to pay the fee.

If you want to get clients that are in alignment with your business, consider these do’s and don’ts.

Do have email list subscribers confirm their interest.  Set up your email marketing service to require subscribers to click a link to confirm that they want to be subscribed to the list. A customer that takes the time and effort to do so is definitely interested in receiving your information. An email program that I recommend, which offers this capability (and is extremely easy to get up and running ) is Aweber

Don’t pad your mailing lists with friends and family. While it’s nice to get support from your loved ones, you’d do better with clients who are truly interested in receiving your healing services. If your friends and family fit the bill, great. If not, ask your inner circle to spread your messages to people they believe would be interested.

Do offer quality products and services. Gimmicks designed to get people to download a shoddy product or deep discounts that will get clients into the doors once won’t build your business. Take more time to deliver quality, and you’ll get quality clients over time.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. A business that is a jack of all trades may end up sputtering before it gets out of the gate. If you’re a Reiki healer, focus your energy on that rather than trying to also offer psychic services or other healing modalities. Decide who your ideal customer is and focus your product and service to that individual and individuals like him or her. Period.
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