How do I know if I am a lightworker?

energyMany of us have had questions about our purpose. We may wonder what we’re meant to do with our lives and why certain events have unfolded the way they have. Some of us ponder our careers and long to do work that makes a difference. We want to make the world a better place, and we want to heal ourselves while bringing healing to the world around us.

If that description sounds familiar to you, then chances are you are a lightworker. The word ‘lightworker’ is self-explanatory. Lightworkers bring light to the world and to others. They bring healing in some way, whether it’s by helping people to live their best lives or showing people how to improve their health. If you’re thinking you may be a lightworker but you’re not quite sure, consider the following signs.

You long to make a difference with your life and through your work. Your first priority is helping others to be better or providing a service. Working simply for money does not appeal to you. You feel like your current job is a waste of your talents and skill set.

You feel like you are different from many of the people around you. Lightworkers are born to be healers and beings of light. They often sense that they are different from many others in the world around them.

You have an interest in self-help, personal development and/or healing. You invest time and energy in learning about ways to better yourself. You devour books and love workshops that teach you about some aspect of yourself. You consider yourself to be the greatest mystery you could ever solve. You’re often looking for understanding of your emotions and those of the people who are around you. Others may call you ‘deep’ or ‘too serious.’

You’ve spent a good deal of time and energy healing some aspect of yourself, whether it’s a physical ailment or an emotional wound from your past. You long to bring the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained to others.  Many lightworkers bring healing to others after they’ve healed themselves in that particular area.

People naturally come to you for help in their lives whether it is by asking you for advice or simply wanting to take in your healing energy.

You are naturally in tune with the emotions of others. You may even feel their pain or be an empath.

No matter how hard you try to forget about your desire to bring healing to others, the longing simply won’t disappear. You have a passion that won’t die.

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