How to Help Clients Through Mercury Retrograde

Lightworkers are accustomed to helping clients to get through challenging periods in their life. You may have noticed that your clients (and friends and family and possibly yourself) tend to get a little anxious and uneasy during Mercury Retrograde.

mercury retrograde

They may second-guess all of their decisions. They may be afraid to act. They may expect everything to go wrong during the Mercury Retrograde period. They may be wondering if there is more that they can do to make sure things go right until the dreaded period has passed.

Lightworkers are at the cutting edge of dealing with astrological and other metaphysical influences. We want our clients to succeed and to live better and be better. We also improve our relationships with our clients when we anticipate their problems and help them to solve them.

So how can you help?

Start with yourself. What are your thoughts about Mercury Retrograde? Sure there is advice you should heed, such as delaying major decisions and signing contracts and paying close attention to communication. However, if you’re dreading Mercury Retrograde and you expect bad things to happen, think about the Law of Attraction. You may be inviting difficult circumstances into your life.

Anticipate your clients’ anxiety. Do you have a way of communicating with clients? (You should. If you don’t, consider starting an email list so you can reach out to them when you have sales or when you want to share information with them.) Reach out to clients and let them know Mercury Retrograde is on the way, as well as the effects they may experience.

Educate your clients. Mercury Retrograde is one of those astrological events that everyone knows something about, even if they know nothing else about astrology.  Consider having a workshop, hosting a webinar or writing a newsletter to give your clients the real information. Even if you don’t specialize in astrology, it’s a way to connect with your clients and build their trust in you.

Offer products or services that can help. You may be able to help soothe your clients during the Mercury Retrograde period. For example, a Reiki practitioner might offer a sale on Reiki sessions to help ease clients’ anxiety. Or a psychic may offer readings to help clients get through Mercury Retrograde confusion. While you should not prey on clients’ fears during this time, look for ways to be of service and help them through the period.

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