Grow your psychic business through a psychic fair

If you’re trying to grow a business as a psychic reader, one of the best opportunities you can take advantage of is a psychic fair. Sure psychic hotlines are a source of psychic jobs, but psychic fairs are events in which a group of psychic readers and other spiritual healers get together and offer their services in one place, usually at a discount so that the general public can try out multiple service providers. This is a good idea for a number of reasons.

–It gets you exposure in front of new potential clients.

–People come to psychic fairs with the intention to spend money for spiritual healing services.

–You benefit from collective marketing muscle. Not only are the organizers of the psychic fair marketing the event, but most likely the various service providers are telling their clients and contacts about the event, as well. (You should also be doing your part to let people know about the event).

workshopSome psychic fairs are organized as fundraisers. For example, a metaphysical church may hold a psychic fair to raise money for the organizations. They may be looking for psychic readers to volunteer their time at the psychic fair. Even this is a good idea, and it is one of the times that spiritual healers should work for free. By participating in the psychic fair, you put your services in front of a new audience, and if one of the clients enjoys the reading, you may have found a client for life.

If you’re working as a psychic reader at an established psychic fair for the first time you may even find that you’re busier than the other psychics there since regulars to the psychic fair will likely want to try out the new reader.

If you can’t find a psychic fair to participate in, consider starting your own. It doesn’t have to be that big. Get a few other spiritual healers together and set up an event in which all of you will sell your services at one place in one period of time. You may need some money upfront to rent a space to hold the event. Or consider partnering with a metaphysical shop or metaphysical church and offering them a portion of the proceeds. You may even want to make this a regular occurrence. People look forward to psychic fairs, so having one monthly or quarterly could be a good marketing strategy for you and the other spiritual healers.

Depending upon how entrepreneurial you are, you may even make this a bigger money-making venture for yourself. You can organize the psychic fair and charge other spiritual healers a small fee to participate. If you can attract a large crowd, it would be worth it for the other spiritual healers to jump on board, and you could be growing your revenue stream by earning money from the spiritual healers, as well as the clients who attend the psychic fair. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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